OCÉANE Youth Concentrated Serum

Improve the firmness of relaxing protein, enhance the skin barrier, tighten the skin contour, promote the formation of fibrous tissue, improve chronic inflammation of the skin, and supplement nutrition for the skin


1. Anti-wrinkle enhancement, deeply fills wrinkles, promotes fibrous tissue formation, improves chronic inflammation of the skin, and supplements nutrition for the skin
2. Regenerate barrier, enhance skin barrier
3. Deep moisturizing effect
4. Inhibit inflammation and acne production

35+ years old, mature, aging, sagging skin, unclear facial contour, deep wrinkles, etc.

After cleansing or using toner, take a capsule and squeeze it into the palm of your hand, apply it evenly on the face and neck, massage gently to promote absorption. Continue to add follow-up products such as: serum, eye cream, and face cream for moisturizing.