Exquisitely Tender Emulsion

Contain a variety of natural trace elements, adding yeast extract, injecting fresh energy into the skin, storing moisture, full and elastic skin, super moisturizing effect, and building a skin-friendly barrier for the skin. Enriched with edelweiss extract, it effectively penetrates and improves skin problems such as dullness, dryness, roughness and gloss. Enriched with active ingredients, it revitalizes skin with firmness, richness and moisturizing, and awakens skin’s healthy vitality. High-tech ultra-micronization delivers nutrients directly to the bottom layer, filling the skin with moisture and emitting supple and beautiful skin from the bottom.


1.Smooth, Fair and Transparent: Goodbye to spots and dullness, exquisite skin, optimize skin tension, restore elasticity and bright luster and shine in full.
2.Firming Repair: Plant resistant to UV, anti-oxidation. Protect the skin from damage caused by the external environment and keeps the skin young.
3.Soothing and Calming: A variety of high-energy ingredients, combined with micronization technology, deep repair cells, improve skin’s sensitivity, and truly improve sensitive skin.
4. Elastic and Plump: While replenishing moisture, it forms a natural protective barrier for the skin, locks the intracellular nutrients, and does not evaporate.

Key Ingredients

1.Yeast Extract
2.Rhodiola Extract
3.Ubiquinol: Vitamin B5.

Method of Use

After toning, evenly applied to the face and neck in, gently massage until absorbed.

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