Collagen Fruity Beverage (5000mg)

Collagen Fruity Beverage, also known as “little red bottle” uses Japanese ‘nippi’, a specially supplied clinical-grade collagen peptide that has hundred years of history. Collagen product extracted from high-quality fish scales has a good texture, without any fishy smell, and is 2000Da molecular weight that is easily absorbed by the human body and not afraid of damage from gastric acid. Every bottle contains 5000mg of collagen, premium selected 60 types of fruits and vegetable enzymes from Taiwan, and a natural green nutrient balance. Aside from being rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, simultaneously contains vitamins A, C, E, carotene, and other minerals. It is currently the only comprehensive nutritional collagen drink that combines three major effects! Detox, beautify, and body-shaping, all in ONE!

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1. Firm skin
2. Breast enhancement
3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
4. Improve constipation and cleanse intestines
5. Beautify

Suitable for all males and females aged 25 and above
One bottle in the morning and at night each


Each bottle contains 500mg collagen peptide, consume daily to enjoy collagen skin beauty.

1. Moisturizing and brightening skin.

2. Restore skin suppleness and delay aging.

3. Firm skin and smoothen fine lines.

4. Lock calcium for stronger bones.

5. Softer and glossy hair.

6. Softer & smoother nails

7. Minimize pores and lighten dark spots.

8. Get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

9. Lift buttocks & toned breasts

Key Ingredients

60 kinds of fruit and vegetable enzymes: detoxification, beauty skin, weight loss and nutrition supplement

Extracted from deep-sea fish scales: 2000 Daltons, one bottle contains 5000mg collagen.

Contain dietary fiber: increase gastrointestinal motility, supplement various vitamins, and treat constipation

Containing collagen peptides, dipeptides, tripeptides: firm and lift the skin, firm the breasts, brighten skin tone and promote deep sleep.


One bottle per day. People who lose weight can take it on an empty stomach, while those who suffer from insomnia take it before going to bed. It tastes better when refrigerated and does not contain additives such as hormone chemical components.

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