Aloe Dietary Fiber Solid Beverage


Also known as detox drink which is not just “excrete everything”, but also has “triple effects” of health nourishment
·Discharge: 5 Probiotics: Accelerate bowel movement & nourish the gut bacteria
·Cleanse: 3 Plant Extracts: Intestinal cleanser for supermodels to detox for rejuvenate radiance
·Nourish: Patented Aloe Vera Extract: Repair intestinal leaks, increase intestinal immunity

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Barley grass: Detox to rejuvenate radiance without hassle
Wheatgrass: Lubricate intestinal for easier excretion, a great essential for weight loss
Curly kale: Princess Kate’s favourite vegetable, a superfood that has strong antioxidants

1 sachet detox drink after meal (lunch/dinner), add around 50-100ml warm water, mix well and consume.
This product contains lactose, gluten and their by-products, consumers who are allergic to the above-mentioned ingredient are advised to consume with caution.