Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Toner


Nutrious toner-

TST Resveratrol Diamond Brightening Toner contains resveratrol that elevates skin resistance for the gradual luster of skin. It is rich in hyaluronic acid for skin moisturizing, and continuous moisture maintenance to rejuvenate translucent luster skin.

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Contains resveratrol that elevates skin resistance for gradual radiance.

Rich in hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin for constant moisturization and appear translucent supple skin.

Contains the skin-brightening ingredient, yeast essence that helps maintain skin stability, and strengthens and refines skin condition deep into the skin basal for original luster skin appearance.

High-concentrated “resveratrol”: Refine the skin for delicate abundance skin.

Ages 25 and above
Suitable for various skins
Anti-inflammation and anti-aging
Youth maintenance

Acne-prone, comedones-prone, all skin types, dry skin, dull and oily skin

After facial cleansing in the morning and at night, apply the toner on the palm or a cotton pad and evenly smear the face. Then, gently pat the face until it is completely absorbed.