Yeast Astaxanthin Anti-Wrinkle Repair Facial Mask

Powerful antioxidants to inhibit skin oxidation, turning dull & slow skin into a lustrous glowing one. Inhibits photodamage & exogenous oxidation with premium Haematococcus Pluvialis extract from Czech Republic: Astaxanthin to repair the physical barrier of the sebum membrane.

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Activate mitochondria, promotes cell regeneration, balances skin microecology, prevents skin aging, inhibits intercellular oxidative stress, repairs damages, antioxidation, anti-free radicals, inhibits inflammation & melanin.

Suitable for: Dull & thin skin without luster, dry & rough skin, and sagging & loose skin.
Directions: First use- Once in 3 days, 5-10 minutes per use, increase the usage time to 20~30 minutes after getting used to the mask.