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Our Story

19 years ago, during a trip to France, Zhang Ting and her husband Lin Ruiyang, stumbled upon a milk-derived bacterial strain known for its youth-preserving properties. Inspired by this discovery, they resolved to bring this active ingredient back to Taiwan for research and development, with the aim of incorporating it into skincare products. After 19 years of research and development, they successfully formulated a unique global skincare line centered around the primary ingredient of active yeast. The brand, “Tin’s Secret,” was thus established in honor of the brand ambassador Zhang Ting, who represents the culmination of their dedication and innovation.


• In 2011, Yeast derived skincare products were developed and started to be sold in Taiwan.

In 2013, TST successfully developed products from extracted yeast of fresh milk and launched in the market.


In June 2013, Shanghai Dowell Trading Co., Ltd. was founded to launch the TST brand cosmetics.



In July 2015, the TST’s Tmall flagship store opened.


In January 2016, TST’s first offline physical store was opened in Shanghai Zhengda Lecheng Store.


In March 2016, the TST APP online mall was launched.


In May 2016, TST trademark was registered successfully.


In 2017, TST’s silicone facial cleansing instrument and lactic acid bacteria microcapsule structure were granted patent certificates.

In May 2018, an affiliate company was established in Taiwan.



In September 2018, a factory opened in Lyon, France.


In December 2018, an affiliate company was established in Malaysia.