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TST Museum

Located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, China, the TST Museum covers an area of approximately 2827 square meters. Characterized by a minimalist and fashionable architectural style, the museum’s spacious interior boasts an exquisite décor. Even as night falls, the TST Museum remains open, its grand structure illuminated by carefully placed lights that accentuate the quality of materials used and the elegance of its architectural lines. This interplay of light also creates an ambiance of allure and mystery.

The TST Museum seamlessly integrates research and development facilities, broadcasting studios, and a hotel within its premises. On the second floor, a versatile hall serves as a primary space for conferences, supplemented by various events. Beyond foundational illumination, this multifunctional hall features focused lighting in the stage area, with vertical lighting elements designed to enhance the stage’s functional aspects. This arrangement caters to the lighting requirements of daily meetings and events of varying scales, ensuring captivating stage effects.