ZhiMinLe Yogurt Complex Probiotic Solid Beverage

We have great news for those who have allergies to seafood, mango, pollen and skin allergy! It is the probiotic that regulate allergic physique, patent probiotic developed by China Medical University, 7 probiotics in 1, improve allergic physique!


1. Bacteriophage: patent bacteria strain, strong resistance against virus infection, killing virus in the body;

2. Anti-allergy: patent anti-allergic probiotics combination: BB1+BB5, strongly relieve allergies, more efficient and effortless

3. Bacterial culture: 10 billion of CFU active bacteria per sachet, multiple probiotics, helps to regulate intestinal flora. Maintain intestinal health for long-term health!

4. Relief: special addition of 200mg vitamin C, effectively relieve inflammation and supplement the body, the perfect 2 in 1 formula!

Key Ingredients

ZhiMinLe Yogurt Complex Probiotic Solid Beverage consists: lactobacillus plantarum CMU995, lactobacillus rhamnosus BB1, lactobacillus paracasei BB5, lactobacillus casei LC6, lactobacillus fermentum F30, bifidobacterium lactis B12, pediococcus acidilactici PA3, vitamin C, 7 bacteria in one!

ZhiMinLe Yogurt Complex Probiotic Solid Beverage improves allergic physique, 7 bacteria in one, more than 10 billion CFU active probiotics.


You may mix with water or consume it directly, both ways are delicious!

How to consume: Pour the product into 200ml warm water, stir well and drink it.

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