Yeast Collagen Fruity Beverage

Also called “Brightening Drink”, it is a collagen drink added with yeast extract, which can help the body metabolize melanin and increase the translucency of the skin. It is also known as the “Drinkable Skin Brightening Booster” to give you the safest Skin Brightening Active Agent.


1. Firms Skin-Collagen sourced from France, helps to supplement skin’s collagen loss and retains skin firmness.

2. Create skin suppleness-Elastin from Japan provides suppleness to skin and keeps the skin moist and smooth.

3. Inhibit melanin deposition-Yeast extract from Japan, rich in glutathione, can inhibit tyrosinase and inhibit melanin production.

4. Restore Brighter Skin- Rosa Roxbunghii is rich in natural vitamin C, which can eliminate free radicals.

Effect and Ingredients

1. Double brightening effect

Yeast extract: Yeast extract imported from Japan, rich in glutathione, can inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce pigmentation.

Rosa Roxbunghii (VC): It is rich in VC and other nutrients to reduce the apigmentation that has appeared.

2. Double protein:

Elastin: elastin imported from Japan, extracted from the heart of bonito fish. Its structure is like the rubber band of the skin, it is a skin elastic agent that can improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Collagen: Originated from Rousselot, the world’s leading producer of collagen peptides. Use special enzymatic hydrolysis technology to hydrolyze macromolecular collagen into small molecular collagen peptides with biological activity, which is easy to absorb.

It is recommended to pair with TST Collagen Fruity Beverage (Little Red Bottle)

Drink Collagen Fruity Beverage in the morning, and Yeast Collagen Fruity Beverage in the evening; it can be paired together according to personal needs.

Reminder: The skin metabolism cycle is 28 days, better effect for continuous consumption.

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