Snowy Brightening Repairing Serum

Fine and refreshing gel texture, easy to apply, replenish the nutrients and moisture needed by the skin.


1. Improve the moisture content of the skin’s stratum corneum and gives smooth tender skin. 2. It can promote collagen synthesis and soften skin keratin. It is highly absorbent, which helps the skin to lock in long-lasting moisture. 3. Help skin to break down pigmentation area rapidly and skin glow with radiance naturally from the inside. 4. Provide energy to the skin, activates skin cells, helps to lighten fine lines of the skin, tighten skin and restore smooth and firm skin.

Key Ingredients

4 .Adenosine
5.Bifida Ferment Lysate
6.Fig (FICUS GARICA) fruit extract

Method of Use

After cleansing and toning, apply a proper amount of repairing serum to the face and gently massage until it is fully absorbed.

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