Skin Treatment Mask


Acne Skin Treatment Mask (28g*5)

Bid goodbye to greasy face after applying. Cleansing and oil-controling, hydrating and balancing, clearing acne and repairing skin, to stabilize skin in multiple ways and unleash refreshing charm of skin.


• Cleanses skin and clears acne
• Balances oil and water
• Minimizes pores
• Soothes & repairs

Key Ingredients

• North American Witch Hazel Leaf Extract:Regulates the skin’s water-oil ratio, giving you a fresh& clear skin.
• Sea-Buckthorn Fruit Extract:Improves skin’s translucency and glow, leaving skin moisturized & radiant
• Sophora Japonica Root Extract:Cleanses impurities inside the pores and minimizes the pores.
• Quaternary Ammonium Salt-73:Sterilizes and eliminates inflammation, improves skin condition significantly.
• Oligopeptide -1:Relieves skin problems and promotes healing of the damaged acne skin.

Method of Use

1. After cleansing, take out the mask, spread over your face and fit it completely to your face
2. Gently press the mask with your fingers to make it fit the skin and wait for 10-15 minutes.
3. Take down the mask and gently massage the face until the essence is fully absorbed.

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