Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer

TST Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer is in gel texture, non-sticky and refreshing!

The product contains 75% of pharmaceutical alcohol, which is effective to kill coronavirus.

Sterilization rate is 99.9%, which is effective to kill all virus. Pregnant women and children are safe to use.

TST Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer contains alcohol but it is not purely acohol. Alcohol is inexpensive and flammable, which is not safe. TST sanitizer is safe to use.

TST Rinse-free Hand Sanitizer can be carried on the plane! You can always carry it along with you as it is not in push pump bottle and leak-proof!


Professional Disinfection Number: National auditing and certification, quality and effect are guaranteed.

75% alcohol has the best sterilization rate, which is 99.9%.

Portable: the sanitizer volatilizes itself when you apply it, rinse-free, sterilize at anytime anywhere.

Non-irritating, moisturizing: Washing hands frequently or using alcoholic products will cause dry and flaking skin on your hands (alcohol volatilization takes away moisture). TST Hand Sanitizer keeps your hands tender and healthy.


Suitable for situations

Easy to carry, stay away from virus: give your hands a sterilizing helper.

Home living tool, self-protection: form the habit of washing hands at anytime.

Office essentials, always sterilize: ensure your hands are clean and healthy.

Tips for emergency periods:

Always wear a mask when going out, carry a rinse-free hand sanitizer;

Always wash your hands after return home, always ventilate your room when at indoor.

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