Probiotics Whitening Toothpaste

Oral problems are closely related with bacteria. Acidic food corrodes the teeth, causing tooth decay. Daily scientific tooth brushing and professional measures can reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, preventing common oral problems. Hence, choosing the right toothpaste is important.

Our teeth is evidently important. Poor oral care will cause bad breath, swollen gums, tooth decay and oral diseases. TST Probiotics Whitening Toothpaste improves microecological balance in the mouth and inhibits the harmful bacterial breeding, giving you fresh breath and white teeth.


  • Fresh breath, healthy gums and clean mouth.
  • Reduce bad breath; reduce the amount of tooth decay bacteria, oral periodontal bacteria and harmful bacteria in the mouth. Solve bad breath and oral problems from the source of problems, protecting the multi-dimension health of teeth.


  • Probiotics Whitening Toothpaste supplement the probiotics army in your mouth!
  • When choosing probiotics toothpaste, we must first look at the probiotics strain, then the probiotic content and lastly the bacteriostatic sustainability.
  • Probiotics Whitening Toothpaste added 8 national patent numbers — Lactobacillus paracasei which is specifically for oral care.
  • The added probiotics are not a concept, but 50 billion of flora. When brushing your teeth, food residue and harmful bacteria are being removed.
  • Probiotics and its derivatives can agglomerate harmful bactceria, which can be removed along with the foam while brushing your teeth, thus inhibiting the breeding of harmful bacteria and making the mouth cleaner. After gargling,a probiotic protective layer that can resist bacteria for 8-12 hours are formed on your teeth so that harmful bacteria will not adhere to the oral mucosa and teeth surface, leaving smoother teeth.

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