Pro V-Care Lightning Instrument

Pro V-Care Lightning Instrument uses ultrasound and coloured light technology to provide deep repair to the skin. A device with dual functions, double up the skin beautifying effect, skin brightening and lifting for intensive care.

Ultrasound Kinematics

High-frequency vibration with 1 million times per second , the nutrients are refined and atomized to penetrate the skin 5-6mm deep for deep skin layer massaging!

Physical Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation

Special wavelength light can fully stimulate skin collagen regeneration, enhance skin elasticity and accelerate product absorption!


Powerful Nutrition Infusion

The skin has a natural defense system. The skin can only absorb 30% of ordinary skincare products. With the help of ultrasound + colored light, the skincare can effectively penetrate deep into the skin.

Brighten and lighten pigments

Through the movement of 1 million vibration waves per second, the basal cell metabolism is normalized. At the same time, the coloured light assists in reducing the production and deposition of melanin, decomposes the original melanin of the basal cell, accelerates the separation and discharge of the pigment, thereby lightening the pigment and brightening the skin.

Activate cells to promote metabolism

The powerful and effective ultrasonic vibration of the device can relieve the blockage of the body’s metabolism, with the help of red and yellow light waves, it can promote metabolism more effectively for a naturally glowing complexion.

Firming and lifting

Utilize the physics and chemical effects such as mechanical effect, warming effect and cavitation effect produced by ultrasound to stimulate the target tissue cells and the sagging muscles will become firmed and lifted.

Method of Use

1. Cleanse the facial skin thoroughly with the cleanser

2. Gently pat the sufficient toner on the facial skin

3. According to different physical conditions, choose a suitable beauty firming gel

4. Turn on the TST Pro V-Care Lightning Instrument to treat your facial skin for about 5-10 minutes in a lifting or clockwise manner

5. Use a towel to wipe off the residual gel and apply subsequent skincare products

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