Personal Ionic Air Purifier

TST Personal Air Purifier Necklace is a portable ionic air purifier; by hanging on your chest, it has the function similar to a face mask to resist PM2.5. TST electronic mask is very lighweight, with only 35g. It is fashionable and simplistic, suitable to wear as a jewellery for the whole day without feeling burden.


Main functions and characteristics of TST Personal Air Purifier:

  1. Reduces fine particles PM 2.5 and the harm of secondhand smoke;
  2. Removes formaldehyde and benzene;
  3. Generates pure negative ions; prevent pollen allergy;
  4. Portable, convenient; fashionable, small and exquisite;
  5. Reduces static electricity.

TST Personal Air Purifier Necklace Functions:

Generates a large amount of negative ions, removes fine particles PM2.5 in the air and secondhand smoke. Negative ions have physiotherapy effects on human body, improving human’s sub-health and promoting blood circulation.

TST Personal Air Purifier Necklace Physiotherapy Effects:

  1. Improves pulmonary function;
  2. Promotes metabolism;
  3. Strengthens disease-resistant ability;
  4. Improves sleep;
  5. Enhances hair moisture retention.

Suitable For

Suitable for: infants, children, pregnant women, white-collar workers, middle-aged and elderly people, and passive inhalers of secondhand smoke.

The switch mode of the product is gravity induction switch, which the prduct will be switched on right after wearing it on the neck for 1 second. The product will be switched off when lay horizontal and flat for 5 seconds.

You will see a red light when charging.You will see a green light when your device is fully charged.

When the product is working, a blue light is constantly shown.

When your battery is defective, a flashing red light is shown as a reminder.


  1. Do not immerse the product into water, do not let water enter the product or be splashed onto the product.
  2. Do not wear the product when bathing.
  3. Do not place or store the product on high place to prevent defect from accident falling.
  4. Place the product away from heat sources: radiators, heaters and other heating equipments.
  5. Do not use the product under aerosol conditions.
  6. Keep the product away from gas stoves and ovens. Do not use the product at areas where flammable gases or volatile liquids exist.
  7. Do not use the product under blankets or carpets.
  8. Do not disassemble or repair the product by your own.

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