Peptide Renewal Lotion


A variety of ingredients work together to lock the injected moisture, activate the skin’s own water power, promote collagen proliferation, improve skin’s various aging problems, soothe and repair, and maintain skin health. Brighten, moisturize, repair damaged cells, and delay skin aging. Polypeptides, enhance skin energy and prevent skin aging. The low-temperature emulsification technology quickly releases the frozen active ingredients instantly and improves the effect. Relieve skin aging, improve dryness and other problems.


Using low-temperature emulsification technology, the natural beneficial ingredients are quickly frozen and encapsulated to prevent oxidation and functional decline for efficiency enhancement. When in contact with the skin temperature during use, the surface layer of the low-temperature emulsified coating will automatically melt, and the effective ingredients frozen inside will be released instantly and absorbed by the skin; the combination of large molecule and small molecule technology can delay skin aging, improve dryness and other problems.

Key Ingredients

Centella asiatica extract

For firming and repairing, Centella asiatica is commonly known as plant collagen. It has a good repair and inhibition effect. Its extract penetrates deep into the bottom of the skin and can effectively repair damaged skin for soothed and glowing skin.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract

Brightening, moisturizing, repairing damaged cells, regulating skin condition, delaying aging, deep penetration into the skin, and replenishing the nutrients needed by the skin.

Selected peptide ingredients

Peptides, strengthen skin function, prevent aging; peptides are the basic substances constituting proteins, which can effectively repair damaged skin and improve moisturization


After cleansing and toning, before applying the essence, take out an appropriate amount of Peptide Renewal Lotion on the palm, massage or pat the face until it is completely absorbed.

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