Magical Ampoule Essence Toner


Magical Ampoule Essence Toner(60ml+1g)
Control skin state at your will,Boost fresh energy for skin

Independent “capsule”:The unique preservation tube design, the “capsule” separately stores the essence (magic powder) and the serum to keep the essence active.

Separately storing
Mix the essence when opening it so that the essence energy is quickly integrated to give the skin intensive care.

Before the first application
Open the lid, remove the essence “capsule” beneath it, pour all the essence (magic powder) into the serum, shake them for 5-6 times to mix the contents thoroughly.
*Throw away the “capsule”after fully mixing the essence.


Gently nourishment for even and bright complexion and enjoy full hydration all-day-long.

Method of Use

Apply this after basic skincare procedure, evenly shake it before applying. Tends to have some sediment of magical powder, which is a totally normal phenomenon.

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