Magic Photon Mask


Magic Photon Mask uses light therapy to achieve beauty and skin conditioning effects. Magic Photon Mask simplifies the skin beauty experience and reduces the complexity to simplicity. The three-color spectrum with the use of targeted facial masks gives the skin multiple repairs. Safe and reliable with the four authoritative certifications.


The stable, comfortable and soft silicone is as light as a feather, and has good wearing comfort.


The unique distribution of 32 LEDs provide a specific and effective spectrum.


Safe and reliable quality with the complete certification, in line with the requirements of China, the United States and Europe.


Red Light-Repair

• Red light can penetrate deep into the skin. After the photons are absorbed by the human body, it produces a highly efficient photochemical reaction, which stimulates a variety of enzyme activities in cells, which can promote cell metabolism, collagen production and wound healing.

Orange Light-Brighten

• Orange light can thicken the dermal structure, inhibit melanin deposition, brighten the skin, stimulate the metabolism of the lymphatic and nervous system, improve muscle and skin immunity, and produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Blue Light-Antibacterial

• Blue light can kill propionibacterium acnes, reduce skin oil secretion, remove acne, soothe the skin.

Method of Use

1. Clean the skin of the face to ensure a clean face.

2. Apply a mask product with the corresponding effect (it is recommended to use a mask with better light transmission).

3. Light therapy – Take one end of the USB cable and plug it into the instrument jack, and connect the other end to the power bank or 5V/1A adapter (maximum 5V/2A).

Long press the power button (2 seconds) to turn on, the default red light is on, short press the power button to switch between red, orange, and blue light in a cycle.

4. The device will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of treatment, then take off the device (the device can also be shut down after the long press the power button). For nourishing-type masks, it is recommended to remove the mask after use and massage the excess essence on the face to help the it fully absorbed by the skin. If it is a cleansing mask, please clean the face after use.

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