Golden & Yeast Chiung’s Charcoal Mask


Golden & Yeast Chiung’s Charcoal Mask is made of charcoal film cloth imported from Japan. It has powerful adsorption function, which can absorb dirt and excess oil in the pores.
The essence of this mask contains nano-grade gold, which can inject Fargesia dracocephala extract into the bottom of skin layers to repair damaged skin cells and improve fine lines, leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. This mask has multiple functions- cleansing, replenishing and repairing.


Cleanse: clear pores, balance oil
Inject: Enhanced nutrition penentration
Repair: moisturize, brighten, repair skin

Key Ingredients

Fargesia dracocephala extract,gold charcoal,nano-grade gold

Method of Use

1. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and moisturize it with a proper amount of toner;
2. Take out the mask, apply onto the face with the golden side facing out, and gently adjust it to fit the face.
3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes, gently massage the face to promote better absorption.
4. If you feel that the skin’s absorption is fully saturated, please wash it with clean water.

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