Gentle Fragrant Body Lotion

1.Moisturizing soothing

2.Relieve fatigue

3.Soft and smooth skin

4.Brightening & Moisturizing

5.Refreshing texture Fresh fragrance


1.Gentle care Pamper every inch of skin
2.Moisture Nourishes and moisturizes skin
3.Lock Water lock and lustrous skin
4.Protection Improve rough and dry skin appearance
5.Fragrant After smear of lotion , the body diffuses a light fragrance

Key Ingredients

1. B – glucan
2. Sodium hyaluronate

Method of Use

1. Cleanse the body with body wash before the lotion. Firstly, cleanse the grease on the surface of the skin.
2. Take a proper amount of body lotion on the palm and apply it on the skin with both hands.
3. Massage on the skin in a clockwise direction until absorbed. For easy to dry parts (elbows, knees, heels, etc.), increase the amount of usage.

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