Ferment Rice Tender Cream

  1. The matte and mellow texture is applied in a delicate way, giving the skin a matte texture, moisturizing but not greasy.
  2. The fermented essence of Japanese rice is used to help repair the epidermis, making the skin radiant, glowing and softer.


A natural antioxidant, easily blends into the skin, softening and conditioning effect, silky texture.Plant-based hyaluronic acid, fatty acids and various trace elements, natural firm delicate skin.

Key Ingredients

1. Cocoa Seed Oil
2.Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis Linn)

Method of Use

(It is recommended to use with other products in Ferment Rice Tender Series for better result) Ferment Rice Tender Cleansing, Ferment Rice Tender Emulsion, Ferment Rice Tender Emulsion, Ferment Rice Tender Essence, Ferment Rice Tender Cream

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