Espérer Peony Seven Seeds Toner

Specialized for sensitive skin-
Repair skin sensitivity, and restore healthy skin

The majestic toner
(Specialized for aging, allergic, and dehydrated skin)

Moisturizing oil for moisture
Forms a sebum film in “one spray”
Repair stratum corneum health

Double protection for stratum corneum barrier, oil-based skin nourishment, multiple active factors,
Repair skin sebum film, rebuild skin barrier,
Improve skin sensitivity and all-around effect of soothing and repairing skin


Strengthen sebum film health
Savior for thin stratum corneum
Anti-light damage
Patented soothing essence aseptic technology,
thoroughly stirring, more refined
scientifically combined penetration system,
Quicker nutrient absorption and relieve sensitivity and dehydration)

Acne scars and blemishes

1. Gently pressurize on the cheeks
2. Gently pressurize around cheekbones
3. Move to forehead with the same force
4. Then move to the nose area

Usage sequence:
Peony Seven Seeds Toner
Peony Seven Seeds Repairing & Soothing Essence
Peony Seven Seeds Soothing Mask
Peony Seven Seeds Repairing & Soothing Cream