Elderberry Flavored BeverageElderberry Flavored Beverage

TST Elderberry Flavored Beverage supplements your body a variety of nutrients, and it is a plus for health! Pair other nutritious foods with Elderberry Flavored Beverage will double the effect!


This multi-functional nutrition helps you to keep fatigue away, enhance immunity, beautifying skin and maintain health.

Antioxidant: It is rich in plant flavonoids, which is a good antioxidant for the human body. It helps to eliminate free radicals and prevent damage to human cells.

In the face of oxidative stress, it accelerates the skin’s recovery ability, enhances the skin’s defense and immunity‬; at the same time firms the skin and slows down the growth of wrinkles!

Prevent flu: Elderberry has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and immune enhancement effects, especially fever-type colds, which can effectively relieve nasal congestion and help reduce sinus mucosa and speed up recovery!

Moisturize skin: High content of unsaturated fats can effectively moisturize the skin and increase water retention!

Key Ingredients

High-quality main raw materials to build a body protection wall:

Elderberry 200mg/bag: the intimate protector of the human body

Yeast β-glucan 125mg/bag: the guardian of the body

Agaricus blazei 100mg/bag: the best among edible fungi

Tremella polysaccharide 10mg/bag: no fear of health challenges

Blueberry juice concentrate 180mg/bag: small yet effective


How to consume ① Drink it directly after opening!

How to consume ②Dilute with warm water or add into fruit juice for consumption

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