Dramatic Energy Ampoule Essence Toner


Dramatic Energy Ampoule Essence Toner(60ml+3ml)
Vitality- Bright and refreshing translucent skin


Plant extracts to restore for flexible skin, achieve oil-water balance, effectively keep skin hydrated and supple

Key Ingredients

• Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (VC Derivative): Easily absorbed, more stable; Render skin tone even and translucent.
• Ubiquinone: Moisturizing and non-sticky, improve skin’s defense ability, balance oil and water, keep skin in a young and energetic state.
• Ubiquinol: Soothes skin discomfort, easily absorbed, effectively moisturizes and improves skin texture.

Method of Use

Take a proper amount of product, smear it on face, gently patting until it’s fully absorbed and perform the follow-up skincare.

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