Donut Chest Massage Machine

The Donut Chest Massage Machine is the most mini-fashionable breast massager. Its exclusive design cares for women’s health. It gives a 360° cycle deep massage to easily shape a beautiful breast shape. The massager uses medical principles to release unique complex waves to attract hormones to flow to the chest, effectively improving various breast sub-health problems;


  • Anti-Aging

EMS stimulates female hormones, accelerates the fat synthesis ability of breast tissue, and allows fat to accumulate in the breast, helping the breasts to become youthful and plump, and fight against breast sagging caused by aging.

  • Healthy

The unique deep stimulation of EMS can unblock 15-20 mammary ducts in the breast, helps to promote healthy circulation & healthy breast growth, to prevent breast disease, and ease menstrual pain.

  • Beautiful

The unique stimulation of EMS exercises the chest muscles and strengthens the support of connective tissues. Every 1 minute of exercise is equivalent to ten minutes of chest expansion exercises. Keep using it, the breasts will be more beautiful


1. Before using the product, please remove the jewelry you are wearing and keep your chest clean and dry

2. There is no need to use breast care products before use, otherwise it will affect the stickiness and output strength of the patch. After use, you can use the corresponding essence products

3. When using, please stand in front of the mirror and stick the adhesive sheets on both breasts

Note: Placing the magnetic buckle upward, the notch is downward, and the nipple is the center; lightly smoothen the sticky sheet (as shown)

4. Hang the product lanyard around your neck, align the magnetic buckle on the back of the main unit with the magnetic buckle of the sticky sheet, and confirm that it is fastened

5. Long press the main unit’s ON/OFF key and the instrument will start with a beep sound. After the instrument starts up, it will enter the 1st Level by default, and a red indicator light is on. Short press the + and-keys to adjust the intensity level according to the user’s comfort. Adjust slowly from weak to strong, and the corresponding indicator lights will light up in sequence. Maximum intensity is 5 levels.

6. After the function is started, the default working time is 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down.

7. Keep warm during use and try to wear comfortable and loose clothes. It is recommended that the human body is at rest, lying flat or leaning, and it is not suitable to move around.

8. Cycle of Use: Can be used once every day. It is recommended to use 2-3 times one week before menstruation.

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