Cordyceps Militaris Fruity Drink

Health Secrets – 3000 micrograms per bag, giving your lungs and kidneys a boost to improve your spirits

  • Anti-cancer
  • Improve immunity
  • Anti-aging and oxidation
  • Anti-diabetes
  • Stimulate testosterone production
  • Antibacterial, liver protection, blood fat reduction, etc.

Main Ingredients

It contains 3000gram of cordycepin per bag, and also adds It contains 3000 MG cordyrin per bag, and also added Phyllanthus emblica L., sea cucumber oligopeptide, Tremella polysaccharide, tea theanine, and Y-aminobutyric acid.


  • 1-2 times a day, one bag each time
  • No more than 4 bags a day

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