Constant Protection Smooth Soft Hair Conditioner

  • Your best partner to repair and protect your hair
  • After cleansing, care for your hair.
  • The Shine of Your Hair Dazzle My Heart
  • Your hair care angel


  1. Brightens, relieves and repairs the hair damage caused by friction, and smoothens hair scales.
  2. Rich in moiturizing beauty serum which smoothens your hair, presenting elegant and attractive hair.
  3. Beautiful hair: Tea seed oil formula which repairs hair shaft, smoothens the hair and prevents from tangling.

Key Ingredients

  • Multiple amino acid – has been in use for several high-end hair-care products worlwide. It is non-irritating, natural, environmental friendly and healthy, which in line with the current trend of hair care products, catering the middle to high class consumers pursuit of natural and healthy needs.
  • Tea seed oil & Macadamia Oil – care for your hair, seal in the moisture, smoothen the frizz. It can regulate dryness, achieving a moiturizing effect.
  • Red Ginseng Extract – this conditioner contains red ginseng extract,which supply rich nutrient to the hair roots, making the hair healthier.

How to use

Recommend to use the conditioner along with Hair Abundant & Plumping Essence to achieve better effects of hair regenerating, strengthening and caring.

  1. Use the mild Smoothing Shampoo to cleanse your hair.It has delicate bubbles which gently cleanse your hair, clear dirt and sebum.
  2. Use the Densifying Treatment Shampoo to cleanse the sebum and sweat on your scalp. Apart from caring the scalp, it helps to restore balance on the scalp.
  3. Use the Constant Protection Smooth Soft Hair Conditioner to smoothen the frizz of your hair.
  4. After blowing dry your hair, spray an appropriate amount of Hair Abundant & Plumping Essence on your scalp and gently massage with your fingers until fully absorbed. Recommend to spray on dry hair 1-2 times every day and night to maintain rich moisture and enhance the shine. (TST Hair Abundant & Plumping Essence has the effects of hair regenerating and strengthening.Strongly recommended for people with hair loss).

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