Changbai Mountain Red Ginseng Powder

Ginseng that has been steamed and dried will contain higher types of saponins than fresh ginseng and has more edible value.


Anti-fatigue, improve immunity (especially needed by people who often catch colds and fevers), blood supplement (anemia), anti-aging, and prevent memory loss ️, anti-tumor (Resistance to cancer cell differentiation, help chemotherapy patients to recover as soon as possible, and prevent cancer)

Key Ingredients

The conversion of ginseng to red ginseng not only increases the types of saponins but also increases the activity of saponins, increasing the absorption rate of saponins from 5% to more than 50%!

Selected 5 years of pure Changbai Mountain ginseng, grown in a unique ecological environment, a pollution-free and rich in minerals environment in Changbai Mountain.

7 years of meticulous care-strictly control the quality of red ginseng, from soil pre-selection to the entire cultivation, all processing processes are monitored, 7 times inspections on 49 criterias including 43 pesticide residue inspections, 5 heavy metal residue inspections, and 1 microbial residues inspection.


1. Mix with 50~100ml warm water

2. Mix with the warm chicken soup

3. Mix with the porridge and eat

4. Pour directly into the mouth and swallow

5. No more than 2 packs a day

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