A dual-use product that can remove daily light makeup gently and non-irritating, and as a distinctive foam cleansing with refreshing but rich and moisturizing. Different from ordinary cleansing foam, it can also repair the sebum film while cleaning, achieving the effect of oil-water balance and purification. After washing, it does not bring taut feeling and has a moisturizing and moist-locking effect to enhance the skin protection and keep the skin naturally moisturized.


Deep cleansing: It can penetrate deep into the skin, cleanse dirt and grease for a clean and refreshing appearance.

Remove light make-up: dual-purpose cleanser with dense and thick foam to remove daily light make-up gently.

Hydrating & moist-lock: Skin does not feel taut after washing,it can enhance the skin protection and keep the skin naturally moisturized.

Water and oil balance: while cleaning, it can also repair the sebum film to achieve oil and water balance and purify skin.


Potassium olivate

Anti-oxidant, prevent cell aging

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Zwitterionic surfactant, mild in nature, easily soluble in water, rich in foam, strong detergency, with excellent thickening, softness, sterilization and antistatic properties.


Promote tissue growth, cell metabolism, soften stratum corneum protein


Use it in the morning and evening, squeeze a proper amount of foam on the palm, spread it evenly on the face, and wash it off with water after fully massage.

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