Baby Face Cream


Skin-Friendly Simple Ingredients
•Fine Texture • Soft Touch • Easy Absorption


• Nourish Tender Skin- Care for the health of delicate skin, supplement baby’s skin lipids in time to resist external stimulation
• Lock in Moisture – Water storage isolation protective layer builds a moisturizing isolation layer to greatly reduce water loss
• Smoothen Skin – Highly moisturize skin all day, moisturizing nourishing essence moisturize skin for long time without feeling sticky.
• Gently Repair- Gently repair skin without irritation, relieve baby’s skin redness, dryness and peeling.

Key Ingredients

•VB5 (Panthenol)- Soothes skin damage Excellent hydration, alleviate dry, damaged and chapped skin effectively.
•Avocado – Strengthen skin condition Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, it has long-lasting moisturizing and moisturizing effects on the skin, effectively strengthening the baby’s skin.
•VE(Totaxin)—— Protect skin Improve the skin surface condition from the outside, enhance skin repair ability, effectively protect skin and reduce damage.
•Lecithin- Reinforce defense ability Regulates skin, protects skin, enhances skin defense and skin vitality

Method of Use

Take a proper amount of this product with your fingertips, and gently apply it to the baby’s face with a touch, avoiding the lips and eyes, apply extra products in particularly dry areas.

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