Anti-Acne Blancing Premium Set


A double-head acne product containing: 15ml of Anti-Acne Repairing Lotion + 15g of Anti-Acne Repairing Cream, which can inhibit excessive sebum secretion and reduce the chance of infection and pore inflammation. Particularly suitable for oily and combination skin types, it is a must-have product exclusively for people with acne skin.

Key Ingredients

Anti-Acne Repairing Lotion is a natural plant extract, containing Egyptian Blue Water Lily (NYMPHAEA COERULEA) flower extract and Spiraea ULMARIA extract, which can effectively converge pores, reduce oil secretion, balance oil and reduce facial shine. The anti-acne peptides in the Anti-Acne Repairing Cream can effectively prevent the occurrence of inflammation. Houttuynia cordata ingredients can enhance immunity and promote the regeneration of skin tissue. It also has 8 quintessences, 4 functions, full firepower, and releases the magic skills of [pox].

Method of Use

After skin cleansing, first apply theAnti-Acne Repairing Lotion to the acne area with a cotton swab. After absorption, apply Anti-Acne Repairing Cream to the acne area and massage until absorbed.

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