9 Minerals CC Cream

Containing a variety of minerals, it has light and creamy texture. Lightly applied this product onto the skin, helps to cover blemishes and fine lines and the skin will appear radiant and translucent. Not only that, this product also contains a variety of plant essences to replenish moisture and nutrients into the skin, let your skin stay silky smooth and healthy.


• Moisturizing and better breathability
• Conceal blemishes and facial contour
• Brightening your skin tone
• Light texture for better makeup effect

Key Ingredients

• Titanium dioxide: Even and brighten skin tone, let your makeup looks smooth and light.
• Mica: Brighten skin tone, improve the glow of the skin.
• Zinc oxide: Pamper your skin.
• Rhodochrosite extract: Efficient skincare.
• Peridot extract: Retain skin’s youthfulness.
• Smithsonite extract: Enhance skin elasticity, pamper your skin.
• Malachite extract: Contain natural copper element to care and nourish skin.
• Kaolin: Oil absorption & regulate water-oil balance.
• Disteardimonium hectorite: Forming a mucosal protective barrier on the surface of the skin and reduce water evaporation.
• Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract: Brighten skin tone effectively, skin appears radiant.
• Centella asiatica extract: Soothing the skin to improve irritations and enhance skin elasticity.
• butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) extract: Moisturize skin; improve pores; hydrate the skin effectively.

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