Conditioning & Soothing Spray


It has a 360°wide-angle nozzle, which is different from general hydrating sprays. Conditioning & Soothing Spray is used to soothe, soothe and regulate sensitive skin problems (redness,swelling,itchiness, dry and chapped).


Soothes all kinds of sensitive problems, including soothing skin discomfort caused by sensitivity, conditioning sensitive skin, and preventing the recurrence of sensitive skin problems.

Key Ingredients

North American Black Spring: Natural mineral water, rich in more than 70 trace elements, can effectively repair skin damage; Ceramide: Effectively prevent skin immunity weakening to minimize the occurrence of sensitivity; Yeast ß-glucan: Provides soothing and repairing effects for skin after sun; Erythritol: Provides cooling and moisturizing effects for dry and taut skin; Mint Leaf Extract: Provides a cooling and refreshing feeling.

Method of Use

It can be used at any time. Use it in the morning to help rejuvenate the skin; add it your skincare regimen to help replenish skin moisture; use it when skin is dry for instant hydration; use it for tired skin to relieve tiredness.

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