Refreshing Cool Spray


It cools and refreshes the skin, quickly replenishes water, soothes dry and hot skin, and keeps the skin moist and clear. The spray method makes the moisturizing essence more delicate and has smaller molecules, which can act as a moisturizing water. A gentle spray will immediately bring a cool, comfortable and moisturizing feeling to the skin.


Restore the skin’s moist-regenerating function, allow the skin to generate moist autonomously, provide neutralizing oxidation for the skin, and make the skin healthier and moisturized. Spray the atomized essence to the skin for instant hydration. The calming and soothing effect can repair the minor damage of the skin stratum corneum, strengthen the skin’s epidermis, and prevent skin moisture loss.

Key Ingredients

Everest Glacier Water with high hydrogen content, rich in antioxidant effects that helps to repair oxidized skin and restore healthy skin.

Alpine Edelweiss: Edelweiss growing at an altitude of 1700 meters is known as the “The Star of Life”. Although it does not have a gorgeous appearance, it has the powerful healing power to promote skin repair and recovery effectively.

Method of Use

It can be used at any time, including before and after skin care and after makeup. You can use it as toner after cleansing your face.

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