Cold-extracted Rosa Damascena Refreshing Toner


Cold-extracted Rosa Damascena Refreshing Toner retains the most complete energy of Damascus Rose. An average of 99 Damascus Roses can extract 10ml of floral water and each drop is the essence of several Damascus Roses, giving the skin a new experience of moisturizing, brightening, self-healing, and aromatic skincare to rejuvenate the skin.


Three functions that help the skin to restore moist glowing beautiful skin. Moist Replenishing: Deeply penetrate into the skin layer and inject sufficient moisture into the skin. Moisturizing: locks the skin’s moisture, keeps the skin hydrated and tender throughout the day. Nourishing: Natural extracts properly nourish the skin and restore the skin’s hydration and tenderness.

Key Ingredients

Damascus Rose, which has nourishing, moisturizing and fragrant aroma, blooms once a year, and each flowering period is only about 18 days. It contains a variety of precious ingredients and has excellent skin care capabilities. The Bifida Ferment Lysate can help in nutrient absorption, repairing and soothing; it is rich in protein, lactose, lactic acid, vitamins and minerals that can effectively care for dry and delicate skin, and relieve skin pressure.

Method of Use

1. Use after cleansing

2. Hold the product about 20 cm away from the face, spray it on the face and neck in circular motions, and then pat the skin until the product is completely absorbed.

3. Apply skincare products immediately after application, so that the skin can get a more complete care.

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