Phyto-Extraction Amino Acid Cleansing Cream


Exclusively developed for young skin, the formula uses premium amino acids to create a pure cleansing experience that helps to cleanse the dirt in the pores thoroughly. The PH value of the product is weak at 6.5, which is similar to the skin PH value. It can be used on any skin. It is gentle to wash the face without feeling taut


Effective cleaning, remove greasiness, clear skin without taut feeling.

Key Ingredients

Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Extract: The natural cleansing power of Sappindus plant extract is the natural energy of rejuvenating the skin.

Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate: Surfactant derived from natural coconut oil, rich in foam, mild and non-irritating.

Moringa seed extract: Moringa is known as the “Diamond of the plant”. The plant extract of Moringa seed extract has a unique low molecular weight & high molecular weight protein complex, which protects the skin from external pollution.

Method of Use

1. Take an appropriate amount of product and add water to the palm of your hand

2. Apply to the wet face and focus on the forehead, nose and chin areas. Gently massage for 1-2 minutes, then rinse with water; it is recommended to use it every day.

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