Luxury Concentrate Repairing Eye Cream

An eye cream with automatic massage, specially designed ergonomic 45°angle for eyelids can perfectly fit the corner of the eye.

Temperature-sensing ceramics infusion head: contract the blood vessels around the eyes and promote metabolism.

High-tech vibrating head: Vibrating 180 times per second to speed up eye circulation metabolism, increase oxygen content, and promote the absorption of nutrients.

Professional massage: 360° complete fit to the eye, helps to lift the eye skin, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce edema.


  1. Improve eye puffiness
  2. Smooth fine lines around eyes
  3. Plumper & supple skin
  4. Brighter & healthier looking eyes

Key Ingredients

Polyquaternium-51: an artificial cell membrane that imitates the cell membrane and has better moisture retention & moisture absorption than hyaluronic acid.

Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7: Gives good penetration to the skin, restores the skin’s original youthful radiance, and improves skin texture.

Trehalose: Efficient to maintain cell vitality and biological activity, forming a special protective film on the cell surface.

Carnosine: stimulates collagen synthesis, regenerates aging skin tissue, and activates skin cells.

Method of Use

Use this product twice a day in the morning and evening, gently massage with its vibration function for a few seconds along the contour of the eyes outwardly to promote product absorption.

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