Night Renewal Lotion

Night Renewal Lotion is commonly called “Black Water”and it is used at night. A variety of precious ingredients and vitamins are combined and coordinated with each other. It is specially prepared for dry skin, allowing the skin to form a thin water film quickly to continuously replenish moisture, and provide essence-like rich nutrition and moisturizing effect. Care for the skin from the inside out, protect the skin from the external environment and dryness, and activate the original skin functions internally, allowing the skin to maintain a long-lasting moisturizing feeling.


Moisturizing and hydrating: The super moisturizing ingredient polyglutamic acid combined with Tremella extract penetrates into the skin layer, effectively improving the dryness and dehydration of the skin for instant moisturization and suppler look. Firming and repairing: The peptide ingredients can deeply repair damaged skin tissues, regulate the skin, enhance the skin’s resistance, promote cell metabolism, and regulate the skin to a healthier and youthful state. Antioxidant soothing and calming: Edelweiss has a high degree of self-defense ability, which can effectively resist all kinds of external stimuli to the skin, calm and relieve sensitive skin condition. Vitamins: Regulate skin functions, strengthen skin immunity, remove free radicals to restore healthy skin.

Key Ingredients

Polypeptides-palmitoyl tripeptide-1, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7: promote collagen synthesis, quickly replenish the skin’s needs, moisturize the skin, and smooth fine lines. Tremella extract has the reputation of “natural hyaluronic acid”, which can help the skin moisturize while providing nutrition. The extract of Edelweiss alpine quickly penetrates into the skin and replenishes the moisture it needs throughout the day. Sodium polyglutamate helps the skin to lock moisturize.

Method of Use

Pour the Night Renewal Lotion on your palm, and gently pat the face with your hand to release the nutrients which can be quickly absorbed by the skin.

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