Gentle Reviving Cleanser


Integrates “makeup removal, cleansing, massage, moisturizing, repairing” in one.
Cleansing formulation:
Natural plant cyanine oil active crystal technology is very gentle yet nourishing.
Special feature: massage type silicone brush head
The brush head and the tube body are inclined at 45°, which is ergonomically designed.
Cleans every corner of the skin with a touch of light, gentle and non-irritating way, it has rich foam that can deep cleanse the skin, but it will not take away excess moisture from the skin and has a soothing massage effect.

Key Ingredients

The sunflower seed oil contains 60% linoleic acid to maintain skin moisture; camellia seed oil prevents skin aging and makes the skin healthier and more elastic; olive oil can remove makeup and provide exfoliate, moisturize and anti-wrinkle effects.

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