Yeast Collagen Fruity Beverage


Yeast Collagen Fruity Beverage is also known as “Little Pink Bottle”. The collagen in this beverage comes from Rousselot, France, and elastin from Japan. The premium quality of raw materials guarantees product quality. Aside from that, the molecular weight of collagen of 2000Da is beneficial for bodily absorption. Not only that, Japanese Yeast Extract—glutathione
and rosa roxburghii (Sweet Chestnut Rose) are added to ensure while replenishing collagen, simultaneously brighten the skin, and take skin tone and texture to the next level. Every bottle contains 5000mg of collagen and they are hydrolyzed into biologically active collagen peptides in smaller molecules through the enzymatic hydrolysis technology that largely increases the absorption rate.

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1. Firm skin and build elasticity
2. Remove wrinkles and fine lines
3. Inhibit melanin accumulation
4. Brighten and fade pigmentation
5. Anti-aging
6. Antioxidant
7. Liver protection

Suitable for all males and females aged 25 and above
Drink 1-2 bottles at night before sleep