Luxury Anti-Aging Active Oil

TST Luxury Anti-Aging Active Oil is also known as TST Premium Oil with supple and oil nourishment to awaken moist, supple, and luster skin. A water-like lightweight and refreshing sensation turns into skin-friendly oil particles when touching the skin to bring refined oily nourishment to release the yeast repair energy.

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Water & oil layering technology for water & oil sole-coloring formula to smooth, moist and non-greasy sensation that forms a layer or moisturizing protective barrier on the skin surface. It is effective for the skin, especially in promoting skin improvement for bouncy and brighter skin to create baby-like healthy, and translucent skin. In one gentle shake, multiple active materials are released into the essential oil to form a crystallized microcapsule to be diffused into the skin for the creation of a multilayer smooth and refreshing sensation.

  • All skin types

Usage instructions for TST Luxury Anti-Aging Active Oil:
Shake before use, and the active ingredients are released into the essential oil.
The active ingredients are released into the essential oil. Use the combined essential oil with the suction tube, heat it with the hand temperature, apply it onto the skin, and gently pat and massage it for absorption.


The smooth moisturizing and non-greasy essential oil with water-oil layering technology can form a moisture-protective barrier on the skin surface, effectively promote skin improvement to achieve healthy and translucent skin.

With a gentle shake, a variety of active substances are released in the essential oil to form microcapsules, which can completely blend into the skin, bringing you a smooth and refreshing skin feel.

Key Ingredients

  1. Bifida Ferment Lysate: A safe, mild, and naturally fermented high-end repair essence ingredient, which can quickly improve the DNA repairing activity and effectively enhance the skin immunity.

  1. Squalane: It is a kind of lipid similar to human sebum. It has a strong skin affinity and can form a natural barrier on the skin surface.

  1. Inositol: Promotes cell metabolism and blood circulation to delay skin aging, skin appears smooth, soft, and glowing.

Method of Use

Shake before use, the active substance is instantly released in the essence of oil. Use a dropper to absorb the proper amount of fully mixed essence oil, apply it to the skin evenly after preheating the palm, gently pat and massage until absorbed.

Using Tips:

  • Nourishing and repairing: Use alone, apply 6 drops to face skin.
  • Intensive nourishment: Mix 3-4 drops with the cream and apply it on the face.
  • Youth base makeup: Mix 2 drops with the foundation and apply it will help your makeup to last longer.

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