Grape Yeast Compound Fruit-vegetable Beverage

The core ingredient of Resveratrol is extracted from grapes. It uses the raw material from EVOLVA, a Swiss-listed company, and applies the Unique Yeast Fermentation Technology that is natural and non-toxic during the process, with guaranteed 98% high purity and activity. Simultaneously, by using the innovative “Double-Nutri Technology”, not only it is not easily destroyed by gastric acid and oxygen, but it also lets nutrient absorption efficacy multiplies. In every sachet is added 220mg of grape yeast extract, the effective Resveratrol ingredient is equivalent to 220 bottles of red wines.

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1. Strong antioxidant, remove free radicals, delay aging
2. Activate mitochrondia, human energy powerplant
3. Activate longevity gene and prevent chronic diseases
4. Improve peripheral blood circulation
5. Regulate the immunity system, and elevate immunity system activity
6. Prevent heart and liver damages
7. Maintain skin activity

Not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and ages 14 and below

1-2 sachets per day, suggested consume with an empty stomach, consume after meal for those who are gastrointestinally sensitive; In case of having a serious illness, start with 1 sachet per day for bodily adaptation, or consult a doctor first

If you’re taking antibiotics, take them after an hour., consume after an hour

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