Black Pepper and Orange Fruity Beverage

Also known as a fat-burning drink with exclusive volcano-originated blood orange extract for powerful fat-burning & antioxidant properties. Reverse metabolic gene expression, bidirectionally regulates fat balance which prevent fat production while promote fat metabolism. Findings from clinical trials stated it can burn visceral fat, and reduce subcutaneous fat and cholesterol. Aside from fat-burning & antioxidant properties, it can brighten the skin, anti-aging, anti-inflammation and can reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

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1. MORO blood orange: Inhibit fat production/promotes fat metabolism, reduces triglyceride accumulation, and increases its metabolism in the body.
2. Indian patented black pepper: Increase metabolism, burn fat synergetically, promote nutrient absorption, and increase metabolism for fat-burning capacity.
3. Elderberry, blueberry: Rich in natural polyphenols for diuresis and relieving edema.

1 sachet of fat-burning drink in the afternoon (1-2 sachets every day), shake well before open. Ready to drink, best served chilled.
This product contains lactose and its by-products, consumers who are allergic to the ingredient mentioned above are advised to consume cautiously.