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How to maintain beautiful and healthy skin is every woman’s lifelong “career”. By improving appearance, you can gain more confidence and living in more vitality life. Follow these tips, you can own beautiful skin easily, and being a beauty is no longer a dream!

• The First Thing After Wake Up-Drink Water

Water is the source of life, and drinking water can also have skin whitening effects. If the body’s water is insufficient, it will cause cell dehydration. The skin will not be bright, moist and tender. So, to solve this problem, remember to drink two glasses of water after getting up to “wake up” your dry skin.

• Essential for Skin Care-Sunscreen

Sunlight is the main cause of skin aging and the formation of dark spots. Ultraviolet rays (divided into UVA and UVB according to wavelength) can cause damage to the skin. It can lead to skin redness, inflamed, and damaged. It can also reach the dermis of the skin and darken the skin, causing dark spots and wrinkles. In severe cases, it can reduce skin immunity and transform to skin cancer or precancerous lesions.

Antioxidant Protection-Vitamin C Supplement

Vitamin C can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, block the production of melanin, and has certain antioxidant properties. It can reduce the formed melanin into a colourless melanin precursor, thereby improving skin dullness and achieving a whitening effect.


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